Student Code of Conduct

August 15, 2013

The following is the Student Code of Conduct that we ask students to follow strictly:

No playing with church’s property such as elevator, electronics or any sensible items such as fire alarm system. Damaging or destroying school properties including toys, suppliers, art displays, student projects will be severely penalized. Parents will be held responsible for damages incurred.

  1. Students are not allowed to enter the ground floor and the auditorium.
  2. Stay away from church people’s party activities unless invited.
  3. Students will show respect and courtesy to other people at all times.
  4. Talking or interfering with other students during class is extremely bad behavior. Verbal abuse, tasteless language, malicious and/or insensitive remarks, and bullying in school will not be tolerated.
  5. Please dispose the trash in the trash can. Littering of papers, candy wraps, drink bottles, etc. in classroom, hallway, restroom, is very rude behavior. Discipline action may be imposed to students not showing decent manner.
  6. No loud talking or running or throwing objects in the hallway during recess.
  7. Know the time of recess and get back to classroom in time.
  8. Keep all activity within school boundary. School is not responsible for any accident happened outside school boundary.
  9. Students are to stay in the classroom during recess with the exception to go to restroom and drink water.

Penalty may include:

  • Time-out
  • Warning and parents informed
  • Suspension
  • Expulsion.

Parent Code of Conduct

  1. Parents have the responsibility of explaining Student Code of Conduct to their child/children.
  2. Parents are advised not to socialize in the entrance hallway and classroom hallway.
  3. Please drive safely in the parking lot, and do not pass the Chinese School safety cone. And please do not parking in the GUEST spots. – Thank you
  4. Proper dress in church is required to show respect for the Chinese Community.
  5. Prompt payment for school tuition. School will impose a $25 penalty if tuition is not received after school has started for three weeks.
  6. Parents shall bring and pick up their child/children on time.
  7. Parents are not allowed to post advertisement or conduct religious activity without permissions from school management. And parents are not allowed to use classroom email list without teacher’s permission.

Additional Rules

  • No playing basketball in the auditorium.