Enrollment Q&A

May 16th, 2011

Q1. What is the minimum age required for enrolling in Chinese school? (中文学校是否有入学年龄限制?)

The minimum age for enrolling in kindergarten is 5 years old. For fall 2011 enrollment, the kids must be born before August 14, 2006.


Q2. What kind of Chinese classes are offered? (中文学校的课程与班级设置情况如何?)

We are teaching simplified Chinese. And we are teaching from basic pin yin to how to write Chinese characters. We offer Chinese classes from kindergarten to 9th grade.


Q3. How long is the each semester? (学年与学期的时间安排如何?)

Each semester is 16 weeks. We offer two semesters each year. The fall semester is from mid-August to early December; and the spring semester is from early January to mid-May. Please refer to the calendar on the school’s website for detail dates.


Q4. What kind of Chinese textbooks are used? (中文学校使用哪种教材?)

  • Kindergarden: Special textbook written by KCICLC http://www.kcschool.org(学前班使用学校自编教材,可至学校网站自由下载 http://www.kcschool.org
  • First Grade: <Standard Chinese> (一年级使用人民教育出版社包含拼音教学的《标准中文》)
  • Second to Ninth grade: <Chinese> (二至九年级使用暨南大学出版社编写的《中文》)

Q5. How to register for Chinese school? (中文学校如何注册?)

We offer online registration. Or you can print out registration form online, then bring it to Chinese school. The school website is http://www.kcschool.org.


Q6. What are the tuition and other fees? (学费是多少,有无其它费用?)

The tuition is $200 for each semester. And the textbook is $20 per set.


Q7. Can an adult enroll in the Chinese school? (成人可以注册入学吗?)

Yes. If there is no enough adult students to form its own class, you may have to study with young children.