Thanks to the parents, teachers and volunteers’ hard work, KCICLC 20th Anniversary and New Year Celebration held on Sunday 2/18 was a huge success! The ceremony opened with the school principal Xiong Li Hui ‘s very touching speech, followed by the chorus of all school teacher. Then the students made excellent performances on the stage. After the performance, the crowd gathered together at the hall to enjoy the cakes, food and games. Thanks community leaders, Fei Che, president of KCCAA and his team, David Cheng, president of KCCA and his team for coming to the event! Chinese general consul Hong Lei, School founder and previous principal Li Xue Lin also sent their video greetings.  We will have more coverage and stories to share on this soon.

Here are the event photos provided by Chen Jiang Sheng and Shi Jie for you to enjoy!

Greetings from Chinese Consul General in Chicago Mr. Hong Lei 中国驻芝加哥总领事馆洪磊总领事发来的祝贺视频
Greetings from Founder and previous principal Mr. Li Xue Lin 中文学校创始人及前任校长李雪琳发来的祝贺视频
Greetings from students and teachers: 堪城中文学校师生的2018祝福视频